Butterfly Tattoos


Butterfly Tattoos

There are an endless array of tattoo styles and designs. However, a few symbols stand out as the most popular body art choices. In fact, many artists report butterflies are more popular even than flowers and fairy tattoos. For women, one of the top picks for a tattoo is the butterfly. There are thousands of variations on this theme available, but the consistent image of this graceful inset has attracted countless females.

Butterfly tattoos are especially popular due to the symbolism of the butterfly creature. There is something majestic about an animal that transforms from a small, boring caterpillar into a stunning, vibrant butterfly. This notion of transformation and beauty is often cited as the reasoning behind a butterfly tattoo. In some cultures, the butterfly is also associated with the soul and inner potential. Meanwhile, German tradition associates the butterfly with rebirth.

Many variations on butterfly tattoos relate directly to the notion of transformation. Depending on an individualís perceived personal growth, she may decide upon a colorful tattoo showing physical beauty or a black and white option, which is more closely related with inner growth. Some people even decide to just get the wings of a butterfly as their tattoo. The symmetry associated with butterfly tattoos make them aesthetically pleasing and a compliment to a personís physical features. Thus, they are extremely versatile in terms of placement as well.

Ultimately, though, butterfly tattoos are endlessly customizable. A skilled tattoo artist can create almost anything his or her client can imagine. Whether itís a butterfly with outstretched wings in neon colors or a cluster of butterflies soaring in a garden, anything is possible.